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January 2019 update

Hello and sorry for the delay! Unfortunately, events happened which took me off of updates and such for about a month. I'm back and working to get more write-ups here.

I'm running events at Marscon 2019 with MSH FASERIP set in my long-time campaign universe the Defendersverse. It should be a lot of fun, and if you're in the Mid-Atlantic from Jan 18 - 20th, 2019...why not drop by Williamsburg VA and Marscon!

Halloween 2018 write-ups are incoming as well as a few write-ups from the James Bond Universe and an update to my 1980s write-ups. I'm hoping to have begun updates by the second week of the month.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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November 2018 Update


We're a week into November, and I'm a week late in posting this. Just a heads up for November 2018. I'm working to post the Halloween 2018 write-ups here I did for Classic Marvel Forever, I've one write-up left to post there, but scheduling and real life events derailed me from getting it posted.

I'm also reviewing old write-ups to ensure everything works and will begin posting some write-ups I've done prior to 2000 and have not posted online. In addition, I'm hoping to put together a 'horror write-up' book in PDF format with my write-ups out sometime in February 2019 - Free of course.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rose Red from 'Rose Red'

 Houses... are alive.

F: N/A
A: N/A
S: N/A
E: N/A
R: Gd (10)
I: Am (50)
P: Am (50)

Health: N/A
Karma: 110
Popularity: - 15
Resources: See Below*




Psychic Node: Rose Red sits upon and has become a psychic node which draws on the misery, misfortune, and psychic powers of those inside to 'power itself'. As the land that Rose Red was built on had a history of blood, so does the house, ranging from suicides to disappearances to murders. Rose Red possesses the following attributes and abilities derived from itself, including:

  • Micro-Environment: As it was said in both the mini-series and the later 'Diary of Ellen Rimbauer', Rose Red is its own micro-environment, capable of altering itself or animating objects on its grounds with Rm (30) ability, depending on the amount of psychic energy present. For every level of psychic energy (Psyche) above Good (10) that enters Rose Red, Rose Red gains a +1cs rank to its ability. Rose Red begins at Gd (10), and increases to a maximum effect of Am (50)
  • Psychic Vampirism*: While not specifically stated, Rose Red represents a psychic vampire in the truest sense of the word, requiring psychic energy and/or lifeforce to continue existing. Rose Red not only feed on those present, it will occasionally abduct individuals and incorporate them as 'part of the house', becoming in turn manifestations of the house and existing in a similar state. Rose Red does this with the same power as the micro-environment
  • Regeneration*: Rose Red 'regenerates' damage depending on the amound of psychic energy inside of it, and can restore itself to perfect condition depending on the level of energy it possesses.
  • Telepathy: Rose Red is considered to have Pr (4) telepathy, and can interpret or 'read' individuals to understand their motives, desires, and fears. Rose Red will often use its micro-environment to ensnare individuals inside itself.
  • Thralls: For lack of a better word, Those ensnared or who die in Rose Red become thralls to it, either suffering an undead state or existing as puppet-controlled spirits. Rose Red has many such thralls, including most of the psychic investigators, Ellen Rimbauer, April Rimbauer, Sukeena, and a host of others. These Thralls can be harmed, as the still 'living' ones are withered and corpse-like. The Thralls will exist so long as the house is standing. Thralls have the following attributes:
    F: Pr (4) A: Pr (4) S: Pr (4) E: Pr (4)* (Depending on Rose Red's current power levels), R: Variable I: Variable P: Variable, though never higher than -2cs of Rose Red's current Psyche.
  • Growth: Rose Red continues to grow depending on the psychic power it possesses, capable of continuing its 'construction' with Fe (2) ability. When fully powered (at the Am (50) level) Sounds of active construction can be heard. Rose Red is limited to the plot of land it currently possess, but can reshape itself internally any way it sees fit.
  • Structural abilities: While the house has no FASE, it is considered to be made of Gd (10) and Ex (20) materials, and is approximately four to six areas in diameter.


  • Limited to location: Rose Red is bound to its location, and cannot move further nor expand past its borders. In addition, if Rose Red remains comatose, Rose Red can simply be torn down, although the powers which drive Rose Red are tied to the land. It is possible an exorcism could affect it (Although in the novel 'The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer', this was not successful.
  • Drive to expand: Rose Red is in constant need of expanding and growing, requiring psychic energy to do so. As such, Rose Red is constantly need of psychic energy, and will tempt, terrorize, or kill those it needs to.
  • Reputation: Rose Red has a high negative popularity due to the fact of its reputation.

The Overlook Hotel from 'The Shining'

“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” 


The Overlook Hotel is not a traditional monster per say, instead operating on a different sort of characteristics. The material strength of the hotel's main body is Ex (20), being comprised primarily of stone and timber. The hotel is heated through an immense boiler system located in the basement, and can be run in the winter by a single caretaker. The land on the hotel has a dark history, and acts as a spiritual vampire, requiring additional energy to sustain itself. The effects of the Overlook are as follows:

  • Negative Energy Sponge: The Overlook seems to draw dark energy to it, granting it the ability to act through agents and/or spirits that have become victims. For every negative karma event that happens on the grounds, the Overlook gains x2 positiveKarma, which will then be used to 'build up' it's RIP scores. If the events are performed by mystics, those with psychic abilities, or those who are sensitive to such things, the Overlook gains x4Karma. The Overlook stores this energy to maintain its other effects, as well as grant itself greater control over the events that occur within its walls.
  • Spirit Animation: The Overlook maintains the darkest of the spirits who have died on the grounds, granting them a semblence of their former lives. The Overlook effectively is using the spirits to promote its own actions, although several of the spirits seem to have greater power and personality. As such, the Overlook is considered to have anywhere between Gd (10) and Am (50) spirit animation, depending on how much energy it has drawn out.
  • Hallucinations*: The Overlook can generate hallucinations, such as forcing individuals to see walls of blood, animating topiary animals (In the beginning...) to stalk prey, make individuals see ghostly visages or horrifying murders, and other events. The Hallucinations begin at Pr (4) and can go as high as Am (50) intensity, depending on the relative negative energy within the Overlook.
  • Emotion Control*: The Overlook can manipulate the emotional states of the individuals who stay within the walls, granting it the ability to do two things: 1. Lower the effective Intuition of a specific target up to -4cs through a prolonged process. 2. Cause individuals great emotional distress and therefore make them more capable of causing individual negative karma actions, thus feeding the Overlook, causing an Intuition check against a Gd (10) intensity. The Overlook will select individuals to manipulate based on several criteria: Those who have limitations such as Dark Secret or are prone to negative actions, those individuals with bad history or are prone to violence, and those that have blood on their hands and are prone to negative activity.
  • Animate Object: Once the Overlook has over 200 points of energy, it gains the ability to actually animate the topiary garden as well as other objects and/or spirits within its walls, granting them form and substance. Such damage caused by those objects will be real damage, unlike the hallucinatory damage that might have been done previously.
  • Bonus effects against psionics: The Overlook can do real damage against psionically powered characters, allowing the Overlook's Hallucinatory effects to be real, rank of damage depending on the amount of negative energy that has been absorbed (As seen with Danny Torrance in room 217).

Negative Energy Dependency: The Overlook requires negative energy in order to maintain its powers and abilities. Without it, the Overlook is effectively inert (Allthough psychics will see and feel the residual negative energy of the place). For the Overlook to become active, it either needs a negative event (such as intentional harm or murder) or will require a psychic of Ex (20) psyche or better to enter the premises unguarded (IE Fail a psyche FEAT).

Caretaker: Despite it all, the Overlook cannot physically maintain itself nor can the spirits inside of it physically manifest themselves to dump the boiler or make repairs. Due to the ancient nature of the boiler downstairs, it must be physically dumped every day or risk explosive results due to pressure. The Overlook will attempt to see to its own continuity first.

Overzealous: The Overlook and the spirits within it tend to be overzealous in the attempt to gain more energy, and suffer a -2cs to reason FEATS when closing in on 'food', forgetting specific facts such as the need for the boiler to be dumped, etc.

Enemy: Danny Torrence: Little Danny Torrence is considered an 'enemy' of the Overlook (as well as a much desired target). My Write-Up of Danny Torrance as his adult version from two years ago (But not including the Dr. Sleep era)

Pennywise from 'It'

They all float down here...

It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, various other aliases

F: Depending on Form*
A: Depending on Form*
S: Depending on Form*
E: Depending on Form*
R: MN (75)
I: Un (100)
P: Cl1000*

Health: The health of *IT* depends on several factors - What form *IT*s currently in, what are the conditions around it, and if it is resting or active. See below for more details.
Karma: 1175
Popularity: 0* (See Below), - 30 (To mystics, similar entities, and to those who walk between).
Resources: Mn (75)

IT has lived for hundreds of millions of years, amassing skills and abilities during its time since its creation and since it crashed in Maine. With its near-limitless lifespan and ability to read/eat/assume/subsume intelligence, thoughts, and experiences.

Entity: *IT* is an entity that crashed landed in the region of Derry Maine, slowly recovering while the people built around it. In essence, *IT* has control within the region and maintains a sort of predator position while subconsciously affecting the citizens with Derry. For the most part, *IT* is immortal and immune to most effects (See Limitations below), such as disease, toxins, aging, and most normal attacks. *IT*s power are contained within *IT*s own environment and abilities suggest that like a spider, it must feed in order to continue to live, and that the impact with Derry in prehistory severely damaged *IT*.

*IT* preys upon children, not out of a specific need - but more out of a preference - as it was said, the fear is sweeter and acts as 'salting the meat'. *IT*'s truest form is that of an immense and ugly spider, located under the center of the town of Derry itself. The creature's abilities are difficult to gauge, but they seem to stem around three central areas:

Micro Reality Control - Regional *IT* has complete awareness of the region it's in, from the passing thoughts of someone on the street to the direction of how certain things will be done in its construction. Within the region, *IT* can affect the laws of physics and create realistic illusions that if not disbelieved with certain are effective reality. *IT*'s powers allow it to use *IT*'s massive telepathic powers to read the thoughts of all who enter the region, drawing out their fears, wants, desires, and others abilities and making them manifest. *IT* can control devices (such as turning lights/devices on and off), and affect the environment such as creating massive storms, clear days, or appropriate conditions. *IT* can subsume weak-willed individuals, either controlling their actions or providing means to do so. When *IT* is awake, nothing happens that *IT* is not aware off.

Telepathy: *IT* is a master telepathic presence, possessing at least Un (100) ability to read the thoughts of others. Through using it's Micro Reality control with its telepathic control, *IT* can create several effects, such as:

  • Hallucinations*: *IT* can create realistic illusions which remain in effect and actually will become real if not disbelieved in certain ways. These illusions include Pennywise appearing off of a page, the images of multiple deceased individuals emerging from the storm drains, and other key moments.
  • Mind Probe: *IT* can read minds and determine the wants, desires, and fears of a person. *IT* tailors its shape to those fears, and occasionally uses those thoughts to divide and conqueror groups and individuals.
  • The 'Dead Lights': More of a side-effect of its true presence in normal reality, the Deadlights are the bleed from it's form - capable of acting as Mind Drain and Fascination all at once. The Deadlights are capable of rendering anyone with Psyches below Gd (10) stunned and catatonic for long periods of time, and anyone with Typ (06) Psyche must make a follow-up psyche FEAT or be driving insane, permanently.

Shape-Shifting *IT* is a shapeshifter, able to change *IT*s form into any being that can be conceived. *IT* is capable of taking on any aspects of the creatures it becomes, such as gaining strength or agility depending on the creature it changes into (hence the variable FASE score, which will determine the creature's direct Health, depending).

The creature is bound to the form it takes, so specific form-limitations would apply. For instance, if it were a werewolf, it could be killed in that form (As stated in the novel). *IT* can be killed in its physical form under certain conditions (See Limitations), and it has been suggested (even by Stephen King) that the death of the creature physically may not kill it completely.

*IT*'s main FASE and 'real' form is akin to a giant spider, which has the following abilities:

F: MN (75) A: MN (75) A: In (40) E: MN (75)
Health: 240

  • Armored Carapace: Mn (75) protection against physical/energy attacks. Cannot be halved. The carapace seems weaker based on creature's limitations (see below) and is only Ex (20) beneath it.
  • Natural Weaponry: Talons: In (40) Damage, halves effective armor
  • Natural Weaponry: Bite: Am (50) damage, can shear bone and limbs with a Yellow FEAT
  • Webbing: Although not necessarily stated, it was definitely present in the movie adaptation. It as assumed *IT* can spin webs up to Rm (30) intensity
  • Gigantic: *IT*'s FASE is due to its' large size, granting those people fighting it a +2cs to hit.
  • Deadlights: Under the belly of *IT* are the deadlights, which are explained above.

Favorite Form #2: Pennywise the Dancing Clown

F: Rm (30) A: Am (50) S: Ex (20) E: Am (50)

Health: 150

  • Teleportation*: Ex (20)
  • Natural Weaponry: Bite: Ex (20) damage, halves effective body armor/resistance

*IT* has no contacts, although *IT* manipulates the people of Derry and often those connected around Derry.


*IT* has several limitations tied to its very nature:
  • *IT* is extremely overconfident - to the point that it puts itself in danger by not recognizing the true threat against *IT* posed by the Losers. *IT* is at -4cs in underestimating *IT*s enemies, and often-times cannot understand or improvise as easily due to this arrogance. *IT* believes itself supreme in many ways.
  • Limited Range: Despite *IT*s power, it is limited to a geographic range in which *IT*s powers can work. While it can affect those *IT* has encountered previously, *IT* cannot use its powers outside of the Derry region.
  • Belief: Most of *IT*s powers and the resistance to them is more akin to belief and dedicated purpose. For instance, the Losers use silver rounds against it because the losers truly believe that silver will kill *IT*. Because of this, when the Losers use the silver, they nearly succeed. It isn't the rank of the attack or the material, it's the collect belief of the assembled group. When facing a group, *IT*'s effective Psyche is limited to Mn (75). The group however unifies their collected Psyches as an attack, so if you had seven children with Good (10) Psyche, they would be doing 70 points of damage per round when they *hit*. Belief can even nullify certain effects (such as the catatonia of Bill's wife after exposure to the Deadlights and even the deathblow to *IT*). *IT* simply cannot resist damage done in this means, and must make an Endurance FEAT in whatever form it is currently in when faced with successful attacks. (Note, usually only one person in a group can effective attack *IT*, such as Beverly in the first encounter and Bill in later encounters. This is more based on the unification of the group through a single person)
  • Power Limitation: Shape shifitng: As stated before, *IT* takes on the FASE of the forms it thinks will be most terrifying. *IT* is limited to the physical strengths and most importantly limitations while in those forms. As King said, 'Once *IT* is whatever it becomes, it has those problems'.
  • Enemies: *IT* has many enemies, such mortal foes like the collected members of the Losers, to the great entities like the Turtle. As such, *IT* must be careful when it acts.
  • Cyclical: *IT* follows a specific cycle which wakes from its slumber to feed and to act. If encountered in its lair between cycles, it is considered 'inert', although great acts of violence and bloodshed may wake *IT*. Normally it is only active for a period every thirty years.

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Manphibian from Marvel Comics

Manphibian (Real name unknown)

F: Ex (20)
A: Gd (10)
S: Rm (30)
E: In (40)
R: Ex (20)
I: Rm (30)
P: Ex (20)

Health: 100
Karma: 70
Resources: Pr (04) currently
Popularity: - 5

The Manphibian was a trained scientist on his homeworld, and has probably several scientific skills related to his field. The Manphibian has displayed the following:

  • Underwater Combat
  • Biology
  • Astrogation
  • Knowledge: Homeworld and species
  • Knowledge: SHIELD Howling Commandos
  • Knowledge: Monster Metropolis
  • Knowledge: Philosophy
  • Knowledge: Occult creatures


Alien Physiology:
Manphibian’s alien physiology grants him several key advantages and abilities that allow him to be perfectly adapted to an aquatic environment. Manphibian’s adaptions include
  • Water Freedom and Breathing: Manphibian’s physiology allows him to breath water and grants him the ability to move throughout water as if unhampered. There does not seem to be a limit as to how long Manphibian can remain underwater, although as stated by his late brood, Manphibian may need fresh water at regular intervals. Manphibian can see underwater with little difficult, as well as adjust to the differences in depth and light.
  • Hyper-Swimming: Manphibian can swim much faster than a human, moving Ex (20) speed while in water.
  • Armored Skin: Manphibian’s armored scales provide him with In (40) protection vs. Physical attacks, as well as Rm (30) vs. energy. Manphibian’s scaled skin is resistant to slashing, and effects which normally halve effective body armor do not do so against his flesh. Manphibian has taken direct hits from rocket launchers with little impact, although it seems multiple impacts would damage him.
  • Natural Weaponry: Manphibian has powerful claws which can rend objects with Ex (20) ability, halving effective body armor. In addition, Manphibian has powerful jaws which he can use to bite with Rm (30) damaged, possessing serrated teeth.
  • Longevity: Manphibian’s species has extraordinarily long lifespans, as Manphibian has been alive for several thousand years. Manphibian’s offspring were still at early stage development in the 21st century, after being spawned prior to Manphibian’s departure from his home world.
  • Suspended Animation: Although not expressly stated, it would seem that Manphibian enters a state of suspended animation at times, such as the period when he first arrived on Earth until he was awoken by mining operations. Manphibian seems to enter suspended animation at times when situation warrants it.
  • Recovery and Regeneration*: Manphibian has some limited natural regeneration and recovery ability, granting him Gd (10) Regeneration. Manphibian has shown in his multiple appearances to be able to recover from damage very quickly.

Manphibian surprisingly has numerous odd contacts throughout the world. Manphibian is considered to be on good terms with the Legion of Monsters, Werewolf by Night, SHIELD special divisions, Hellstrom, Dr. Strange, General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, Elsa Bloodstone, and even the Punisher. It is assumed that Manphibian has contacts within his race as well.


  • Monstrous Appearance: Manphibian’s appearance can terrify those who do not know him, and he suffers a -2cs initial reaction bonus. As Manphibian’s race familiars each other, they are often mistaken for one another (except for females), leading to confusion of identity.
  • Devoted: Manphibian is a devoted father, mate, and friend to any he calls such, and will risk himself to help those in need. Manphibian will endanger himself if it means that those who he cares about require it.
  • Enemy: Manphibian has an unnamed enemy from his own world who murdered his mate and who Manphibian has pursued to Earth. Manphibian will stop at nothing to see his enemy brought to justice.
  • Dependents: Until their death, Manphibian was devoted to his brood and would do whatever he could to help them.
  • Code vs. Killing: Despite his apparent physical nature, Manphibian does not seek vengeance nor does he attempt to murder his opponents. Manphibian seeks justice, and will do what he can within the constraints of his people’s moral code to bring those people to justice. While he is capable of great physical power and damage, Manphibian recognizes the basic ignorance of those who judge him, and he does not seek to immediate maul or murder anyone, even if attacked.
  • Water Dependency: While not expressly stated for the adult, the brood of Manphibian required regular fresh water in order to exist. The requirement was similar to Atlantean requirements, but the brood of Manphibian never journeyed far from the source, and could not exist in the Monster Metropolis in the old Morlock tunnels due to lack of a freshwater source.

October Update


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