Monday, August 19, 2019

Summer 2019 update

Hello all

It has been several months and a break before I could get back, but I'm looking to update my write-ups in the coming months, and I will be posting some Halloween write-ups here and on CMF. I'm only doing a few, I had decided last year would be my last year doing them...however....I've had a little inspiration and I'd like to finally post the 'Carmilla' MSH write-up five years in the making.

Thanks for checking out my MSH site.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April 2019 Update

Hey all;

Sorry for the delay. I was in the process of planning and running MSH for the last time at conventions - 30 years over the end of March and beginning of April. I'll be getting back to posting more updates and stats.

Any requests?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Daniel 'Doc' Torrance from 'The Shining'

Daniel Torrance
Redrum, Redrum

F: Gd (10)
A: Gd (10)
S: Typ (6)
E: Gd (10)
R: Gd (10)
I: Rm (30)
P: Am (50)

Health: 36
Karma: 90
Popularity: 0
Resources: Typ (6)

Psionic Combat*
Occult Lore*

Psionic Prodigy: Daniel Torrance is a powerful psionic, capable of feats not normally seen. Daniel's abilities include:
  • Telepathy: Ex (20)
  • Astral Perception: Rm (30)
  • Empathy: Rm (30)
  • Postcognition: Rm (30)
  • Incarnation Awareness: Daniel Torrance has the unique ability to communicate with himself in the past, and as such, appears as a manifested vision only younger Danny is aware of.
  • Astral Project: Rm (30)
  • Dream Travel: Danny can travel into his own dreams and into others (as seen in the novel) with Rm (30) ability
  • Telekinesis: Danny can manifest his emotions in telekinetic force with Ex (20) ability
  • Psionic Manifestation: Danny can create objects and give force to psionic manifestations with Am (50), such as making hedge creatures come to live, give form and substance to the dead, and create force to illusions.
  • Precognition*: Daniel has In (40) precognitive abilities, some from conversations with his future self, others through dreams.
  • Postcognition - the 'Shining': Danny can perceive the past and items with history with In (40) ability. Danny does not necessarily need to touch an item to gain said powers.
  • Total Memory: Daniel has some degree of perfect recall with Gd (10) ability

Richard Halloran: Family Friend, fellow psionic, and mentor.

Age: Daniel's powers are represented here as a young adult. As a child, Daniel is considered not to have access to most of these powers, and is also considered to have the 'uncontrollable' aspect.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 2019 Update

Howdy Hey!

Just a quick update. Still shifting through older write-ups that haven't made either Classic Marvel Forever or other sites. I'm working to verify the older write-ups and add new images where applicable.

For March, I'm still working on processing the 2018 Halloween Write-Ups, and there should be a few more coming in the next few days. I'm also working on the revised Halloween Write-Up guide, which I should have available here, at CMF, and on Facebook.

I'm running two new events at Ravencon 2019, which will also be the last convention I'm running at. After 30 years, it's time to step aside and let other people have a chance.

Thank you for your continued support and comments to this little blog and to a game that deserves more love!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dan McCormick - the Man-Made Monster from 'Man-Made Monster'

Dan McCormick

 "By successive treatments their bodies can be so electrolyzed that they are no longer subject to the pains and frailties of ordinary mankind."

F:  Typ (06)
A: Gd (10)
S: Typ (06)*
E: Rm (30)*
R: Typ (06)*
I:  Gd (10)
P: Typ (06)*

Health: 52*
Karma: 26
Resources: Typ (06)
Popularity: 0*/2/-5 (As Dan McCormick prior to his trial/as Dynamo Dan/As a criminal after his trial)

Performer (As Dynamo Dan the electric man)

Electrical Resistance/Absorption:
Dan McCormick is discovered to have a near immunity to electrical damage, and as such, is used after the discover by evil scientist Paul Riggs as a guinea pig for additional electrical experiments. Dan’s abilities are tied directly to his absorption of electricity, which has a startling effect on him:
  • Energy Sponge: Electricity: Dan can absorb up to Mn (75) electrical energy, which seemingly grants him a degree of energy invulnerability. Charges of Rm (30) or less simply absorbed with no noticeable effects outside of his ability to apparently become immune. Effects of Rm (30) to Am (50) reduce Dan’s psyche and reason by -1cs and give him the ‘Electrical Dependence’ limitation (see Limitations). Dan’s Strength Increases by +2cs and his Endurance increases by +1cs for a limited time. Dan is considered to have a version of Self-Sustenance when charged, requiring only the regular ‘doses’ of electricity to function. Dan is incredibly suggestive in this state, and is easily enraged.
  • Electro-Touch: Dan is capable of producing In (40) electrical charges by touch, allowing him to electrocute normal individuals through contact. Dan cannot control the intensity or effect of his touch, and cannot spend Karma to prevent a kill result due to his actions.
  • Super-Boosted Electrical abilities: When Dan is sent to the electric chair through the conviction of his actions, Dan is ‘super-charged’ for a limited amount of time, granting him an additional +1cs to his strength (Maximum Rm (30) and an additional +1cs to his Endurance (Maximum Monstrous (75). Dan also gains the additional health due to his adjusted attributes. Dan will also be able to ‘heal’ damage by absorbing electrical sources, and has a glow about him which grows in intensity as additional energy is absorbed.

Dan has few contacts, and none that will help him once he is convicted of murder regardless of the reason.

Dan has several limitations due to his unique mutation, which include:
  • Electrical Dependence: Once Dan has been ‘overcharged’, Dan is addicted to the electrical energy and is considered Addicted, suffering a -1cs to his Psyche each time that he begins something similar to withdrawal to not seek out an appropriate energy source to ‘recharge’.  
  • Finite Power: Dan has a finite amount of additional electricity that he can absorb at any given time, usually 5X his current Health score or 200 points, whichever is greater. Dan uses 20 points per hour in simple actions, and spends points for his additional effects or abilities (such as his electro-touch or new power stunts). Dan must ‘recharge’ himself through treatments given by Dr. Paul Rigas or through direct access. Dan can only drain up to 200 points at any one time, but suffers no additional effects if ‘over-charged’ or exposed to greater electrical sources.
  • Enemy: Dr. Paul Rigas – Rigas has turned Dan’s simple mutation into an addiction and dependency which Rigas hopes to use to study and create others like Dan. As such, Rigas is considered to be an ‘enemy’ although he does provide Dan with his electrical treatments as it is Rigas’s actions which lead Dan to crime (and even to a conviction to the electric chair). Rigas will stop at nothing to see how far Dan would transform for his own projects, regardless of who dies or how it affects Dan.
  • Glow: Dan emits a powerful glow when he is supercharged, making him suffer a -2cs to hide or conceal himself, as well as a -2cs to all social related FEATS.

Dren from 'Splice'


F: Ex (20)
A: Rm (30)
S: Ex (20)
E:  Rm (30)
R: Ex (20)
I: In (40)
P: Ex (20)

Health: 100
Karma: 80
Resources:  Shift 0*
Popularity: -0

Dren has no real talents.

Created Biological Lifeform
Dren is a created lifeform, which was created from samples of human, kangaroo, manta ray, horse, salamander, frog, bird, and fish among others. Dren is an amalgamation of those creatures, possessing additional abilities to further mutate and change, granting Dren the following abilities:
  • Environmental Adaptation: Dren can grow and adapt in her environment, growing gills and the ability to breath water, etc. This does not mean that Dren cannot adapt to hostile environments, but rather her adaption is constant – drawing on the various DNA strands that she is made up of.
  • Aquatic Adaptation: Dren is already adapted for marine life, allowing her Gd (10) Water Freedom and Gd (10) Hyper Swimming.
  • Poison Stinger: Dren is equipped with a stinger which grants her a 9’ reach and is equipped with a stinger which mirrors a manta ray. Dren’s stinger can inject Ex (20) intensity poison which will do 20 pts of damage a round for 1 – 10 rounds, requiring an Endurance FEAT vs. poison intensity each round. On a critical result, the poison will do -1cs to Endurance each round until it runs its course. In addition, the stinger/tail is prehensile, allowing Dren to manipulate it as if it were a limb.
  • Natural Weaponry: Dren possesses claws that seem retractable and can-do Ex (20) edged damage, halving effective body armor.
  • Enhanced Senses: Dren’s senses are considered to be superhuman, allowing Dren to track opponents through smell, see in near darkness, hear subsonic sounds, and sense body heat with Ex (20) ability.
  • Flight: Dren later develops wings, capable of Gd (10) flight.
  • Shapeshifting – Limited: Dren’s body adapts as necessary to the situation, allowing Dren to change at one point from female to male. As of the movie, Dren’s shape shifting is related to permanent changes linked to its Environmental Adaptation ability.
  • Enhanced Speed: Dren has the ability to move with quick sudden movements and bursts of speed. Dren is considered to have Gd (10) hyper-speed for one round at a time.

For a time, Dren could count its creators as contacts, but that quickly became impossible. Dren had no other contacts.

Dren had several limitations that progressed as Dren evolved. These limitations included:
  • Driven by instincts. Dren was remarkably smart, but was driven by instincts which would overwhelm Dren’s normal nature. Dren could be provoked or react to situations and as such, Dren would have to make a Psyche FEAT at -1cs.   
  • Unusual Appearance: Dren has a very unusual appearance, including reversed knees, a tail, eyes slightly apart, and other distinctive features. Dren suffers a -1cs to social interactions due to her unusual nature.
  • Non-Verbal: Dren communicates through trills and expressive reactions, but for the most part is non-verbal. Dren’s only words were ‘Inside You’, and even that required effort. Dren does seem to understand English and communication, but cannot usually speak.
  • Aging: Dren ages very quickly, growing from development to an adult in a matter of weeks. It could be assumed that Dren will continue to age quickly and suggest a shorter lifespan, but that is only a possibility. It is more accurate to think that Dren simply grew fast to adulthood, but it is a matter for the Judge to determine.

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Micro Update

Hey all;

I'm still working on getting all the tags corrected and any of the code fixed - This is an ongoing process which will take a bit longer - but once it is finished all of the write-ups will be labeled and corrected. I'm also looking once the remainder of Halloween 2018 is up to collect all of those write ups in a new PDF. I know, that's been a long-term goal, but I'm actually beginning see a point where it will happen.

Until then, hope you like the Halloween 2018 posts. I'm working on new write-ups (Albeit slowly) on the Umbrella Academy, but I don't have an ETA on those.

Daniel 'Doc' Torrance from 'Dr. Sleep'

Daniel 'Doc' Torrance'


"You still owe a debt. Pay it."

F:  Ex (20)
A: Gd (10)
S: Typ (06)
E: Rm (30)
R: Gd (10)
I:  Ex (20)
P: Am (50)

Health: 66
Karma: 80
Resources: Typ (06)
Popularity: 0*

Psionic Combat
Mystic Lore: Ghosts/Shining*

Psionic Prodigy:
Much older than last encountered, Daniel Torrance regains his ability to Shine during Dr. Sleep and maintains a great deal of his abilities and powers when last seen in The Shining. Daniel Torrance is considered to have a great deal of psionic abilities varying ability:
  • Telepathy: Ex(20) ability to read thoughts and intentions. When attempting to do so with another psychic or psionic, Daniel’s ability is considered to be Rm (30) and decreases the target’s resistance (If they choose to resist) by -1cs.  
  • Astral Perception: Daniel still has the ability to perceive astral presences with Rm (30) ability, and can see or sense ghosts with In (40) ability.
  • Empathy: Daniel still has Empathic feelings with Ex (20) ability, his years of drinking and abuse have dulled his abilities somewhat and is distrustful of those impulses at times. Daniel has developed a power stunt which allows him to alleviate the suffer of terminal patients in the hospice he is working for at the time of death, allowing them to transition without pain. When working as ‘Doctor Sleep’, Daniel’s Empathy actually functions higher than his childhood levels, at In (40) ability.
  • Postcognition*: Daniel’s ability to read objects and people has increased once he is no longer drinking to In (40) ability, being able to perceive events in order and in greater detail since growing up.
  • Incarnation Awareness*: Daniel’s alter-ego Tony is able to act independently and ‘lead’ Daniel to different things once Daniel has given up drinking. Daniel and Tony also can manifest to relatives and others, as he did with Abra Stone.   
  • Spirit Storage: After the events of The Shining, Daniel learned from his childhood mentor Dick Halloran to ‘Trap’ the spirits of the Overlook which were haunting him within his own mental consciousness with Am (50) abilities, and is able to maintain ‘lockboxes’ of those spirits for a near indefinite period of time. This spirit storage is used only to capture those spirits which attack Daniel or that allow him to. The only occasion that Daniel suffered while containing spirits was when he absorbed the spirit of a woman who was dying of cancer, which he too began to suffer until he released it.
  • Precognition*: Daniel has flashes or ‘dreams’ of the future with In (40) ability. Daniel has only partial control over these moments, and cannot direct them or make sense of their meanings initially.
  • Communicate w/ Dead: Daniel has reached out to speak with the dead on numerous occasions, such as summoning the spirit of his dead mentor Dick Halloran, and does so with In (40) ability and range. Daniel also can be the unwilling recipient of spiritual visits and must make an opposed Psyche FEAT at -2cs. Most of the time, the dead spirits act to warn or protect Daniel.
  • Power Gestalt: Daniel and his niece Abra Stone can join their respective shines together to operate as an apparent single psychic entity while maintaining their different personas. The power gestalt allows Abra to operate her shining through Daniel with Un (100) ability and range, capable of Abra to remain on the East Coast while Daniel in Colorado undetected by psionic detection. In addition, Abra and Daniel share a psychic link which allows them to see and sense the other’s perceptions, memories, location, and even experiences as well as their powers.
  • Psionic Manifestation*: Daniel rarely has problems with this ability anymore, but still can create objects and substance to his imagination or items with Am (50) ability. Daniel also probably the reason that the deceased spirit of his father Jack was able to manifest physically when Daniel needed his help the most.
  • Death Sense: Daniel is able to perceive through the actions of Azzie, the cat that lives at the hospice where Daniel lives/works which patient is about to die. Azzie actually perceives the soon to be deceased, and Daniel (with most of the staff) understand the actions of the cat. Daniel is able to also determine something he calls ‘The red mist’ when a person dies, and can ease the burden of death around a patient (In conjunction with his empathy).

Dan has several contacts within his new life after he stopped drinking that have all been present at his psychic events or helped him in some way with the issue of the True Knot, such as Dr. John Dalton, Billy Freeman, and others in the township of Fraiser, New Hampshire. Daniel also can consider his niece Abra Stone a contact, and quite a number of dead people such as his father and Dick Halloran that would return to help him.

Daniel has developed several limitations stemming from both his shining ability and the events after the Overlook experience.

  • Alcoholic: Daniel is a recovering alcoholic, being finally able to get sober and staying sober for fifteen years. Daniel’s alcoholism was severe and he was incredible violent during this time, mirroring his own father’s alcoholism. Daniel’s alcoholism also inhibits his shining abilities, ultimately suppressing them completely at his worst point. It’s only with sobriety that Daniel’s abilities return. If Daniel returns to drinking, his shining and psionic abilities drop -1cs every week. Daniel’s abilities return when he returns to sobriety and maintains it.
  • Haunted: Figuratively and literally, Daniel is haunted by the experiences and ghosts of the Overlook hotel, who sought him out after the hotel’s destruction, forcing Daniel to ‘lockbox’ the spirits in his own being. Daniel’s experiences can affect him severely, causing him -2cs to his Psyche after such encounters.
  • Dependent: Daniel is overprotective of his niece Abra, and will go to great lengths to help her (Such as uncovering a buried body, facing off against the True Knot not once by twice, and working to protect Abra from dangerous forces). Daniel will place Abra’s safety above his own, and would violate the law if necessary to help her.  
  • Enemy: The Overlook: Daniel is considered an enemy of the Overlook’s ghosts (See haunted), and they will stop at nothing to find him.
  • Enemy: The True Knot: If any of the True Knot survived, they would not doubt be angry with Daniel and would consider him an enemy.
  • Responsibility: Since entering sobriety, Daniel feels his work as ‘Doctor Sleep’ and a hospice nurse to be a responsibility he takes very seriously and feels grateful for. Daniel takes his patient’s health and respect to be a serious responsibility, and will do whatever he can to help them.
  • Regretful: Daniel is regretful for the times that he spent drunk, including the incident of his stealing money from a woman with a young song. Such regrets drive Daniel and weigh heavily upon him.