Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Starfish of 'The Nocturnals'


Real Name: Unknown

F: Ex (20)
A: Ex (20)
S: Ex (20)
E: Rm (30)
R: Gd (10)
I: Rm (30)
P: Ex (20)

Health: 90
Karma: 60
Resources: Typ (6)
Popularity: 10 in Pacific City underworld as a member of Doc Horror's crew

Dual Weapon Use
Underwater Combat
Mystic Origin*

Adapted Physiology
Starfish's physiology is adapted to be amphibious, and as such, she possesses the following powers:
- Water Breathing
- Water Freedom
- Hyper-Swimming: Ex (20)
- Resist: Temperature Extremes: Gd (10)
In addition, Starfish has displayed a type of intrinsic ability to communicate with elder sea creatures and sea animals with Ex (20) ability.

The Nocturnals
Doc Horror
The Raccoon

Dehydration: due to her amphibious nature, Starfish needs water or begins to suffer -1cs for every three hours out of the water.
Unknown Origin: Starfish has no idea about her past or origin since being found by Doc Horror and Eve. The closest she came was during a conversation with an elder sea creature.
Unusual Looks:Starfish has unusual looks, and can cause a -1cs reaction.

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