Friday, August 28, 2009

Captain Marvel (SPLITZAM! Android version)

Captain Marvel

Alias Roger Winkle

F: Ex (20)
A: Ex (20)
S: Rm (30)
E: Am (50)
R: In (40)
I: Gd (10)
P: Gd (10)

Health: 120
Karma: 60
Popularity: 10
Resources: Gd (10)

Knowledge: Spacefaring Races
Knowledge: Earth Culture
Profession: Teacher

Robotic Contruct: Captain Marvel's powers include several unusual abilities:
Body Armor: Rm (30) Body Armor
Anatomical Seperation: By uttering the word "Split", Captain Marvel could seperate his body into component parts, down to specific digits. Captain Marvel could control these pieces seperately to attack seperate opponents. Marvel's power could be negated by placing glass around the body part in question.
Force Field: Captain Marvel has a Force Field, capable of deflecting bullets with Ex (20) ability.
Telepathy: Captain Marvel has Gd (10) Telepathy
Electro-Bolts: Captain Marvel can generate Ex (20) electrical shocks
Laser Bolts: Fired from his eyes, Captain Marvel can generate Rm (30) intensity
Costume Change: Captain Marvel can shift from his normal clothing to his costume instantly.

Unknown Alien Masters
Billy Baxton: Ward

Power Source: Captain Marvel is powered by an amulet comprised of Element X. If removed, Captain Marvel will operate for 1-10 rounds before shutting down and entering a hibernation state until the Amulet is restored.

Glass: If Captain Marvel's head is covered or blocked by glass, he loses control of his seperated parts.

Command Word: For Captain Marvel to seperate, he must say 'Split', and to reform he must say 'Xam'

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